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What is Renovate Beirut?

Renovate Beirut is a disaster-response fund which collects donation to renovate the houses of those affected by the August 4 blast.
The renovations focus on repairing ceiling, windows, doors and everything in between.
(Preference is given to those in severe conditions and cannot afford it).

How Will We Work?

1. Post a picture of the house with the address and the contact information of the beneficiary.

2. Our team will conduct a house visit to assess the condition and determine the required renovations.

3. Renovation will immediately begin upon assessment and approval.

4. Once renovations are over, we will share with the donors the after-pictures.

...And Here’s Why

Given the economic crisis and pandemic, families aren’t able to pay a lump sum to restore their houses; therefore, we match donors with beneficiaries in order to ensure that they get to sleep in their houses as safely as possible.


Donation Process

1. If you live abroad, you can donate through a gofundme page. The donations will be transferred to Lebanon through wire transfers to a fresh USD account at fransabank. There is an agreement from the bank to enable us to withdraw the amount in USD to support the families.

2. If you live in Lebanon, you can send us an email down below or send us a message on Instagram and we will work it out!

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